We manufacture our own 14" aluminum tailhousing that replaces C4D, C4Z, C6O, and C7O casting numbers and will have the correct shifter locations for:
1964-65 Falcon 1964-73 Mustang, Cougar
1966-68 Fairlane, Cyclone, Ranchero, Torino 289, 302, 390
1966-69 Falcon 289, 302
1966-69 Mustang, Cougar 390
1967 up Fairlane, Cyclone 427, 428
1968-69 Mustang 428, 429

This tailhousing will allow you to use your toploader in different model vehicles without having to find a different tailhousing to move the shifter to the right location. Our tailhousing is available in 28 or 31 spline output shaft size. Weighs only 7 pounds.

  • DKT Aluminum Tailhousing$370.00DK296-65AL
    Includes bushing, seal, air vent and tailhousing gasket.
    Please specify if installing in 63-65 Comet or Falcon