Top Cover

  • DK296-30.jpg
    Top Cover$19.99DK296-30
    Our new top cover is made with the same contour around the bolt holes as the originals. Replaces Ford part number C4AZ-7222-A. There is no air vent hole in this top cover. We recommend an air vent in the tailhousing (part number DK296-66) or you will have to drill a 3/32" hole in the center of the dimple like the original top cover.
  • DK296-32.jpg
    Top Cover Bolts$15.00DK296-32
    Exact reproduction top cover bolts. Set of 10: 8 short and 2 long.
  • Air Vent$6.50DK296-66
    With this air vent the hole in the top cover is no longer needed and can be blocked to stop oil from leaking out of it constantly. Use a letter R drill bit and 1/8 pipe thread tap to install the vent on the top of the tailhousing.